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I want to watch my videos on my device. How can I do this?
More and more digital media players can play video, but it's not always easy to get the video onto your device, which can be time consuming and frustrating! This is where Badaboom® came in.  Badaboom  formatted video files for a variety of devices using a process called transcoding:  it converted video files from one format to another so that  they played on a wide variety of devices.

Elemental changes the way transcoding is done!
Badaboom, Elemental's consumer media converter, took a different approach to media conversion. Instead of exclusively using the CPU, Badaboom harnessed the massively parallel power of graphics processors to perform the core transcoding operations. By utilizing the graphics processor, Badaboom ran much faster than CPU-based competitors. The result:  consumers could painlessly convert video to view on a variety of portable devices, including iPod, PSP, and Apple TV, all in a convenient, intuitive application.

Which systems could use the Badaboom software?
With the release of Badaboom 2.0, most Windows PCs were able to run the Badaboom software application!  Hardware acceleration was available via certain NVIDIA GPUs and the new 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ Processors.

Okay, I want more detail. What is transcoding exactly?
Today’s consumers are no longer satisfied viewing their media on a single, fixed display. Instead, they want their content available wherever their busy lifestyle takes them. To support different devices, the video and audio files need to be formatted differently in terms of compression used, resolution, and bitrate. Converting media streams between different formats to support multiple devices is a process known as transcoding. Transcoding is one of most compute-intensive operations running on PCs today; transcoding a 2-hour movie, for example, can take many hours on a standard CPU processors. Furthermore, not only does the processing take a long time, but it consumes the computer’s processor resources for the entire time, rendering the machine unusable for other computing tasks.

How can you buy the Badaboom software?
Badaboom has been end-of-lifed. 

Who’s behind Badaboom?
The parallel processing pros at Elemental. Do you work well in massively parallel environments? If so, we are looking for YOU to come work with us!