Badaboom Optimzed For 2nd generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family

Badaboom optimized for Intel graphics

Badaboom 2.0 harnesses the power of the 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Family (also known as Sandy Bridge) by taking advantage of Intel® Quick Sync Video technology to bring you top-notch video conversion performance.

Quick Sync Trascode


Badaboom 2.0

Badaboom eliminates the frustration of video conversion by providing users with speed, efficiency, quality, and a sleek interface. In a practice that used to take several hours, Badaboom converts HD feature-length movies in a matter of minutes while keeping the videos looking crisp and clear. Badaboom's highlights include:

•  Efficient use of system resources: Badaboom takes advantage of the 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ Processors' graphics hardware, offloading the CPU and allowing users to continue other tasks without unnecessarily slowing down their system.

•  Transcoding speed: Intel® Quick Sync Video technology enables Badaboom to transcode at several hundreds of frames per second.

•  Uncompromised video quality: Intel's Quick Sync Video H.264 encoder ensures Badaboom will continue to produce high quality outputs.

•  Ease of use and flexibility: Whether it is the default settings or advanced features, the Intel Media SDK supports the video processing parameters necessary for the flexible Badaboom interface to operate as users have come to expect.